(PS4) Amy Pierce w/ Diamond Contract and Diamond Cousins w/ Gold Defensive Stopper Badge

Amy Pierce w/ Diamond Contract - SOLD
Diamond Cousins w/ Gold Defensive Stopper Badge (3x Defensive Stopper = ~15K) - SOLD

4 hours left on PS4 AH.

Really? These auction house threads are getting old. If someone wants your card they will buy it without a thread posted about it. You do realize that people who see it here make up less than 5% of the total people who see it in game? Advertising a gold defensive stopper badge… really? Hmmm… no offense to you but something has to be done about these wasted threads :thinking:

Lol bruh I posted this in the Classifieds section where posts like these belong.

Ricky, I know you are trying to maximize your profit, but BIXBI is right – don’t over-saturate the forum with your own personal threads like this one. One thread every now and then for a rare or godly card is one thing (as more of this community would be interested in it), but posts like this advertising gold DS are just absurd. Please filter this stuff out of your posting-life, or else we will take action to make sure these posts are deleted within minutes of you sharing them.

I understand. You’re absolutely right and you put it in the right place. It’s just that I don’t believe we need a thread every time someone post to the auction house. Especially if it’s not something rare.

Lol why even make a Classifieds Section if I can’t post what I have for sale up??? Lol your reasoning doesn’t make any sense. Rename it Ultra Rare Classifieds Section if you don’t want people posting common cards. I can’t believe I’m getting heat for posting cards I have for sale in the correct section!!! @Ryan this is ridicoulous can you please step in.

You’re going to tag @Ryan when you should know deep down that he’s on the same page that I am…

Yes I’m going to tag him. This is some straight up BS and you know it. I posted what I have for sale in the Classifieds Section and not anywhere else. I followed the rules and now you’re trying to make new ones! I am not cool with this whatsoever!

I can understand wanting to post certain cards. I myself have posted one that wasn’t rare (amethyst Hakeem with a lateral quickness shoe), and I felt like I was spamming tbh. It’s better to keep the postings to rare cards or diamonds with awesome diamond shoes. The community here isn’t overly populated as of now and so it’s almost pointless to post a common card for the sake of it.

I’m not trying to pile on you, because I truly understand where you’re coming from. To mediate the situation we can post a sticky regarding common cards in the classifieds.

If I was making posts like this all the time I would understand getting flack for it but I don’t so I’m actually legit pissed about this.

Yeah that would be a lot better. The Sticky post said nothing about this so it’s really irritating to get complaints about my post.

Now now there’s no need to get into it :joy:

The guys had a point. Don’t take it personal and you’ll see where they’re coming from. It’s no biggie. There’s always a resolution.

My main issue is that they should’ve just messaged you to deal with this issue behind the scenes instead of singling me out. So you can understand why I might get a little pissed off about this. I hadn’t broken any rules at the time of making this post so I didn’t appreciate being called out for it.

He’s just trying to get a sale. Maybe someone was looking for this card decked out how he has it. I think it’s good for guys to let people know it’s up because sometimes we miss it. I almost missed a James worthy with shoes but someone posted here (I didn’t win it sadly) but I wouldn’t have even checked since they barely pop up

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Even though gold defensive stopper isn’t really enticing. Lol. Dude just wanna sell his card

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Thank you for seeing where I’m coming from. Most people completely overlook badges in the AH and a Gold Defensive Stopper Badge is worth ~15K so I’m just trying to get more people to notice my card. Considering Diamond Cousins normally goes for 45K I’m hardly asking anything for the Gold Defensive Stopper Badge.

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I hope you don’t think I’m being a dick for the sake of being a dick. I’d like to think that I do a lot of good and valuable-added contributions for this forum. In my opinion, letting you know that a casual and common card-sale post saturates our forum feed is value-added – last thing we want is even more posters seeing these “[PS4] Player Name w/ Shoe 50K” threads clog up the forum. 2KMTC seems to be a dogged forum full of these kind of posts now (mixed in with MT sale threads). If you really want to get the card sold, 2KMTC still has a lot of active users. Why not just stick to posting it there, and leave the value-added threads for this forum? No offense intended at all, I just want the forum to be moving away from the feed looking like 2KMTC’s.

You also may have noticed that I, even with the help of a standard poster like BIXBI, comment on very similar posts to yours detailing out our concerns.

Going forward, @Ryan can we maybe look into a “Casual Classifieds” tag or maybe somehow make it an immediate muted thread type unless a user wants to filter on specifically that tag?