[PS4] Amy JR w/ diamond Contract & Red Kyries

Up with about 3 hours left - go bid on the hennygawd with red bottoms lol

:eyes: There’s an identical one on XB1 rn w/ an hour left at 209 :money_mouth_face: What’s yours at?

100k, surely it’ll go up :sweat_smile::upside_down_face:

Some crazy shit ! Jr was 89k when he first came out. Now theres one with no shoe or contract on xbox about to sell for 198k…

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Game is not even a month old people are tripping Lol

Went for 164k - if someone on here got him, thanks !

That was mine, he sold for 219,600. I was shocked, got him for 100K BIN and added the shoe/contract. Nice little profit :+1:

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