[PS4/5] Hero GO Magic Johnson with 7 extra HOF Badges incl: Range/Deep 3's - Clamps and more

157970447_109041867813789_8915431310521174860_n! 157898516_1069080790250011_4686406075735671153_n !

HOF Badges added in Total:
Range / Deep 3’s
Space Creator
Rim Protector
Deep Fades
Giant Slayer

Gold Badges added:
Flexible Release
Lob City Finisher

Diamond Contract + 3’ Point and Dunking Shoe

Auction Ending: 3:48 PM EST

225k, I got you.

put it on now! :smiley:

Cmon guys give him some love :smiley: its the best badged magic in the AH since yesterday

30 min left

What did you get for him?

less than you bro… haha hilarious - 650k at least i got in what i spend… :zipper_mouth_face:

Damn man! Sorry to hear that :frowning:

this dark matter shine was too bright - magic was just a bad choice for the move

Yeah I’m realising more and more I got very lucky.

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with that glitch - you had a really good day yesterday :wink:

I sure did. Made at least 1.5m yesterday, just waiting to see what all those opals sell for…

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Big Big W’s man, really great for you!