[PS4] 30k MT Giveaway Winner : B_Rabbit

Hi guys,

I would like to do a 30k MT giveaway. I know its not much and maybe some of you will even just laugh at me but recently I had something nice done for me and I would like to pay it forward here.

I would like guys to guess who is my favourite basketball player. The first one to guess it wins the 30k MT.

1 guess per user.

This is only for PS4 as the title states.

Good luck to all

EDIT: No New accounts (so don’t go making a 2nd account lol)

Is he a current or historic player?

Reggie Miller

He is more of a older player as I am old lol

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Vince Carter


Did I mention only 1 guess?

Pistol Pete

Apologies, Heisenberg.

It’s jusbro :slight_smile:

If we go through a bunch or people I will allow a 2nd guess later, just want to give everyone a chance to win.

Gonna go on a limb and say Wilt Chamberlain

No sorry, going forward here another tip is he was Caucasian

Is he still active?

Yes he is, not playing though

steve kerr

Jose Calderon

only one guess my buddy

Mhm… He is European?

No sorry he is not