[PS4] 2K20 MT for Sale 🔥

200k available.
Paypal only.
Pm if interested.

Old thread for vouches:

How :joy:

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I wasn’t on this site in the beginning of last year. Do ppl really buy MT this early??

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Once u get down to $15/100k holla at me


Good price @1gakki

People just don’t know how good they had it last year with that glitch. $40/100k is a decent price for the start of a new game and hopefully it holds good value all year like in 2k18. Prices weren’t $15 /100k mid late August in 2k18.


This guy speaking big fax


Asians already selling for 20 per 15 isn’t too far away

$45??!! hahahahahahaha

Man why are you charging like that? You should be cheaper then these internet selling pages!

Do you use them? They all look the same and seem like a huge scam

I only sell mt,had only offers from them to sell them mt and mut coins. So far they are probably bigest sports game selling site(fifa,madden,2k)
For 8$ you can’t go wrong

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That’s ridiculously cheap. I swear they would give me 2k19 mt lol

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Too cheap to be real lol

I don’t know how those sites are getting those amounts of MT, but they (some) are legit.

Not tryna knock the hustle but these guys are legit

Maybe there is some glitch we dont know

Or they just use bots. If so, it’s easily bannable.

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Yup! Something is going on and we are on the other end :joy:

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Even 14 is a bit high…

Wut, you want to charge MORE than 2K itself lol?