PS4 12-0 service - dm about prices

If anyone needs any POTM feel free to contact me. I’m still on holidays and I would love to get some vouches before 2k21 drops.

For free?

PS4 only. Sorry :slight_smile: forgot to mention that.

Is it free

Not free but I can do it fairly cheap. Bump

600k and available for 12-0 runs

He went first and bought my cards. Big vouch!


Thanks man for the vouch. Hope others will come too. :slight_smile:

Last chance before I hop onto 2k21 Prelude tomorrow.

He did my 12-0 for me made me 20k mt got it done in three hours and got me goat Oscar. I give him a huge vouch!!!

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I’m available to do your 12-0s in 2k21 guys. I’m happy to help you out on weekdays and at the weekends (if I already got Limited Mode ring). DM about prices. Those depend what league I am supposed to start from.

Bumping just in case

isn’t 12-0 basically like 60+ wins this time?

It is. :slight_smile:
72 if I’m correct
You need to go 12-0 in the highest league.

Not if you can at least get yourself to the opal tier. If you can’t manage that part…then you don’t need the reward anyway, because it’s not gonna make you any better. Lmao


I don’t know how much of what your saying is true. Some of the people who use services like mine are

  • card collectors
  • decent players who could do it themselves but don’t have time to do it or just want to avoid the sweat

I believe that people may have fun using those cards no matter how good they are at the game. What’s more… For people who can’t reach the opal tier it’s a chance to get all the previous rewards. I’m not gonna lie those boxes you get for winning amy, diamond and pink diamond leagues are juiced. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nobody wants that PD Pierce?? :slight_smile:

Are you offering Limited services by any chance?

Please check your DMs.

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Still waiting for you guys. :slight_smile: :blush:

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As you guys know , I’m always trying out „new services“ for the 2KG community, to make sure it’s legit.

And guys , … this man right here is no joke. He helped me out to get my pierce for a super fair price.

I was literally exhausted with all the XP grind, work , wife , life … and After I hit the Pd league my man Wojtek just finished it super fast !

I highly recommend my man right here , fire !

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