☄ [PS] Selling NBA2K MT | Trusted Seller (Vouches inside) | Instant Delivery! |

Hi guys.
Selling PS4 MT.

PS4 $4.5 per 100k - +14 millions available. (If you are European, you can pay in euros).
Will buy your cards immediately after payment!
PayPal friends and family only.
PM for details.

Edit: I still have 4.2 million.

Edit 2: I still 3.1 million.

Edit 3: ¡¡¡Sold out!!!

Thank you very much to all.
Maybe tomorrow I can raise 1 to 2 million. I will communicate it here.
I repeat, thank you all.

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Legit seller, he is a good guy

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I don’t know if this guy is legit buy he copied my reddit MT sale post 1:1.
Proceed with caution dealing with this guy.


By coinciding with your words, do you already call me a suspect?
I don’t want problems with anyone. If you want MT’s we talk.
Giving value judgments without even being a moderator is not good.

Yes, copying someone else’s post 1:1 without changing even 1 word is very suspect.
Beware of this guy.

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You’d probably be better getting the payment after sending a few people the money to start with to get a few vouches considering how many people on here have vouches and sell MT, I’m not saying your a scammer but doubt many people will send money first as a new seller

Ok, mtititi, It is your opinion.

pic looks hella sus theres no collector level that has M.T.T. in it and theres no commas in the number


I was going to bring that up but thought not since it may be a different language? Bruh that’s looks sus though


Tommy Angelo are you mt mafia?

The game is in Spanish, timpanzee.

It’s mtltltl not mtititi.
You already completely copied my reddit post, you could’ve copy the nickname too.
Just saying.

What is your collector level then? I don’t think G.O.A.T. translates to anything with M.T.T. in Spanish and any other collector level has no periods in it

I have no problem giving me the mts before payment if the user is legit.
I understand that I am new.

The translation is fine in Spanish

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Do small deals to build some rep, then the deals will come


Ok let’s do a deal then!

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Followed on twitter. ifihada_NICK_el