PS Plus, Discounted (<$38)

Haven’t bought yet but think site is totally legit as I saw this linked off a big site. And it seems that there are a bunch of third party deals on PS Plus and PS Store codes right now.

Gonna renew my PS Plus for another year at least to keep access to all the “free” PS4 games that come with the subscription, even though I play zero of them and have zero plans to get a PS5. Because I might play those PS4 games in the next year. Even though I have a gaming PC on which I hardly play any games.

Makes sense to me.

For $35. For $60 I still probably would but I’d be grumpy about it.

EDIT: Also adding this link to CDKeys.

I don’t know that website, but I have always used cdkeys for Xbox live and PS+. It’s a couple bucks more on there at the moment but that site has been legit for me for 10 plus years.

Yes I did a search and saw CD Keys has it for just a shade more. Makes sense to buy from there.

For what it’s worth, I saw the deal for Eneba on Deadspin, the big sports blog and part of a big network.

Vouch for CDkeys.

I wonder what the origin of these keys are. Are they keys discounted for different geographic regions or codes discounted for resellers and these discount sellers just go for volume over margin?

It’s best not to think about it.

Why? It’s just a gray market thing, not even a black market thing. And it’s just a code. Not going to be made by, or from, kidnapped children.

Your right bud. I was just goofing.

Oh, figured you were but wondered if there was something I was missing.

I am curious about it. Imagine it’s discounted codes meant to be sold in places where income is much lower. Curious why Sony doesn’t tie the codes to specific geographic regions, but I guess the lost income is not enough to warrant the hassle of controlling even digital assets this carefully.