Promo Packs Locker Code!



Haven’t entered yet but I’m about to have a .1% chance at Lights out KD.

Steaming pile of :poop:

But at least I got Fan Faves 2

Edit: omg gold Rudy Gay!!
Keep or sell?!

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Why is the locker code named best of MyTeam promo when the none of the actual best promos are included.

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maybe put some of these into the Token Reward Market and update the out of date ones that have no value?

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If I could get campus legends Magic that would make this crappy day a whole lot better.

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I still can’t believe they put Lights out in this… like many people didn’t rip those with tokens for a long time :man_facepalming:t3:

Not complaining about free content, but why put one of the least valuable packs in there? There’s many other promos they could’ve chose besides LO and NYR without being top tier promos…

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Replace BEST with WORST. Are they serious? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Honestly if they just replaced NYR and LO, it really wouldn’t be that bad. Not anything crazy expensive in here, but there are some good cards available*

*at extremely low odds lol

I swear to go this will be me if I land in Lights Out


Dropped the ball ALL The way to the right, magically SOARS to the left defying all laws of physics

I hate these locker codes


By some sorcery I escaped it… it tried to shoot straight for it, missed, then went right back to it and barely kicked out… it was a little loud in here :joy:

Yo that’s EXACTLY what mine did, but it kicked out, down, up right and back down left out again lmao it was nuts

Best of MyTEAM Bronzes

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