Professional Chimney

Prepping for my final godsquad tournament at the end of the week. Let’s get some fades going no good shit dropped today

I got a 100-300k wager for that ass. Run it

  • Bo3 5 min superstar


Hi @RodsquadG :sob:

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You know I’m there to see the smoke :face_with_monocle:

My guy tryna get free MT


Lmaoooo :rofl: 100k MT is not bad tho , good practice ya know

I’m down. Let me just see if anyone else tryna play before while I wait on the mt plug

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If someone accepts

Where tf are the fades at man shit

Don’t buy MT for $15 per 100k when you can wager me for that

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You come too strong

Not at all

I’m just tryna play



Did you just disregard the whole other thread lmao ?

I’m confused ngl

From other thread

you don’t want to wager?

I was saying I didn’t feel like sweating I wanted free cash

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I’m ready to spectate

Oh okay word :joy: I gotchu now

What’s your team looking like ? Let me see if I need to go borrow a account