Pro-am team

Pro-am team

Look for 2 people to run pro-am rec with… Drop your name here. Will be on in an hour!

What position you need ?



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U still need someone

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Add my psn and send a message @Th3_Ohz0ne

Currently have a PG 92
SG 91
SF 90
PF 91
C 92

Is mics a requirement? Sometimes I run with a mic and sometimes no lol. I have a playmaking slasher SF 92 overall if you still need someone.

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No requirement but it helps lol!

What’s your PSN? I’ll add you later

My own name is I_Just_Shoot3z

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I can play

What’s your build and rating bro?

94 sf sharpshooter

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I can play C for fun , to sweat I would use my PG

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Add me th3_ohz0ne

I will add you now