Princeton Chin = freelance 1

Czar put the Princeton freelance back in the game with today’s update, and it’s listed as “freelance 1.”

This is a great freelance for centers like Vlade and Jokic who can shoot and pass.


Wow I’ve been waiting for this. Dope!

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Omfg I love everything im boutta avg 60 with KAJ

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Can’t wait to get back home to try it out.

Someone told me about this earlier and I tried it out. Hallelujah.

It’s not a very varied set, and I think it’s pretty easy to memorize and anticipate all the branches, especially the initial cuts, but I dig the positioning.

Especially with the post game this year.

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Another thing is that Da Czar said that all Playbook (and Freelance/Sets) changes will be implemented in MyTeam as well as other modes.

Was tight-lipped on the subject aside from saying that, and my sense is that he’s not a big fan of it but the decision was made above his level.

I think that it wasn’t supposed to affect MyTeam but someone fucked up. And now 2K is going to pretend like it was a policy change made on purpose.

I like having the playbooks synched up across all game modes.

I hope it stays this way for the rest of the year and into 2K20.

Now we just need the “space the floor” option to come back and I’ll be set for the rest of this year.


Aww shit hopefully the actions are all still the same.

Imma bump this, because if y’all don’t know this is a back door cutting nightmare. Have a center with good passing stats and this is a gg. Me personally I would use this set to get a nice little lead,then start spamming 3s, because your players will be hot + you got a lead so who cares if you miss a few in a row.

hello there, i was trying hawks PB today and try this freelance 1 but hakeem doesn’t go post up and the freelance doesn’t start.

maybe i did something wrong?

my center are hakeem and dikembe and they don’t have passing abilities, i think i just answered myself :joy:

Pass to your center as soon as you cross half court or it won’t start that play

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thanks :pray:

Make sure your play vision is on as well maybe that could be the problem