Primetime V | Paul Millsap, Hal Greer, Jordan Clarkson & Nate Thurmond

The 2K Spanish account reportedly posted and deleted it quickly.

Also the Primetime games are Warriors-Nets & 76ers-Jazz next Tuesday so it’s looking legit


Amy Millsap looks familiar :cold_face:

Look at TK with the BOMB


Another C …. Robinson , Malone and now Thurmond …

Wonder if Thurmond is still a trap with shit animations.

I like nate, he is a bully on the boards and defense.

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This is starting to become more real as Tomorrow approaches

Nate Thurmond is NBA 75th

Confirmed… lol

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Greer should be base 98, yeah? (and also NBA 75)

Last year I think his diamond had base 4, so that’ll probably be the case for this year’s iteration

Right, I was probably thinking of his Spotlight Opal. :cry:

Nate will be mine, love his inside defense

I’ll get Thurmond & Greer because I’m collecting the 75, but definitely not a hyped bunch (and not particularly saved by any good moments from yesterday).
didn’t they add a late moments card last week or the week before (Curry?) a PD Derozan would go a long way in boosting people’s enthusiasm here

No new agendas? Nvm they updated

Any info on the real NBA stat accomplishments needed for Clarkson and Millsap to evo?

Millsap needs 3 rebounds and Clarkson 3 assists.

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Unfortunately Millsap was inactive and Clarkson is just chucking everything he touches up.

Anyone tried Thurmond yet? I’m thinking about getting him but I wanna wait until after tomorrow’s drop because I can see his price falling fast like Moses did last week.

I used prime version for some ttoff games just to get some xp - he is insanely good for making blocks. But I don’t need PF without 3pt and already have drob and dwight as main centers

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