PrimeTime Packs


you got me bro lol


What we thinking these cards will be like then? :thinking:

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Deion Sanders Diamond?


PRIME TIME LINAS KLEIZA BABY yes this is a full sentence


Muresan hopefully.

could literally be anyone… the move from 11 to 4 is weird to me. i get it with everyone getting out of school/work but like it’s only gonna hurt the servers more.

Prime Linas Kleiza was an assassin

After 12h, someone’s gonna be asking for off prime time packs. :cold_face:

This. Absolutely this. Bc we know they haven’t updated those servers.

nice. if all pack drops are this time of the day I can really go no money and time spent in Asia. i somehow think it might be one off tho given china $

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Probalby players that arent in the base sets… for example Magic, Oscar or Hakeem? :eyes:

what a weird time drop for these packs, it’s trash for people in Europe lol

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it’ll be 4am for me lol

even worse lol

yea that’s why my guess is that it might go back to the usual time in subsequent drops

Glad I have held back from buying packs so far.

Don’t like this time change. 4pm EST would mean around 8pm EST when the first batch of non BIN cards are able to be obtained which will be ultra bidding competitive. So that’s what the intention is I bet regarding prime time considering prime time slots for TV programming is generally around 8-11pm.


Diamond CP3 confirmed for this drop :eyes:

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He will work well next to Wilt :smiling_imp: