Primetime! 9-21

Nash, Derozan, Marbury, Jrich, Levert, and Bojan!

i’m sure cards will hit db shortly


Amy Marbury?

Let’s goooooo

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DeRozan has a 67 three point shot.

Jason Richardson is the best card in this drop in my opinion.

Yeah, looks like:

Diamond Nash
Diamond DeRozan
Amy Marbury
Amy JRich
Ruby Levert
Sapphire Bojan

Need that J rich

starbury almost look nice but 3 ball ruins it

They all look good probably run them all as I just need there Xp;p

79 three is very serviceable in this game. He’s a budget D Rose.

Steve Nash looks pretty good as well.

Weird DeRozan can’t have quick first step. His play style is basically useless without it.

Is there a set completion reward to ?

No. It’s all just part of the primetime set.

Ruby Nash was a damn good card. I wonder how this one is.

Suprising being a 6 card set you figure they would try to force you to collect them all for a PD and last week Primetime had allan Houston as the reward

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So Derozan has no 3pt, no possibility of QFS and bad defense ?

Worst Diamond for now

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Nash looks great - sucks there’s 5,000 good PGs in the game, but I loved CP3 for his play-making and this Nash with some defensive badges added is going to be better because of his size.

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Yeah. Weird we have all these great Point Guards and they finally release a diamond wing and he’s mediocre at best.

I don’t think we’ll get an easily obtainable pink diamond for another two weeks at least.

I still haven’t acquired my first diamond yet haha the ascension boards have been brutal to me I just unlocked diamond rewards but need 60 tokens now lmao