PRIME Rewards I, II, III Lock-In Reward?

How likely is it that there will be another lock-in reward for locking in the 3 Prime rewards: GO Ray, GO KG, and the Prime III reward?


100% likely
100% unknown who it will be


Anyone know how much it is to lock in Ray now?

True, 2k giving out opals and PD to bums so we can’t even say who it’s going to be

Didnt they update the 3000 token reward for locking all three sometime in March or April last year?

Is it worth it to buy Prime I and II players now or wait till superpacks/possible locker codes?

Probably Prime 1 would be cheap since the PD pull rates are probably pretty high in the Super Packs.

Yeah i think so, but theres no such reward like that in “the agenda” tab this year which makes me wonder if there’ll be a lock in reward for the 3 opals

Roughly 450k, 200 for Timmy, 100 for tmac, 70 for rose, 30 for Stockton, and 20 for wilt


Thanks man…I was hoping Tim was lower.

Same. He was 120 the other day when those supers first dropped and I held out hoping he’d get cheaper


It’s worth noting there’s a Prime Rewards collection, but that obviously doesn’t guarantee a lock-in reward.


The prime 3 set reward says ‘mystery player’. People will understandably pretty pissed off if they are collecting prime cards and there isn’t a reward after being shown that information.

We haven’t had a huge content day in a long time. I can see a prime set or another set with added token rewards but I know that’s wayyy to much to ask for

It really, seriously, honestly is not too much to ask for :joy: we deserve it