PRIME PD John Stockton

Was excited by the prospect upon announcement, of Stockton, and he’s basically exactly as I expected: an adaptation of last year’s PD Rewards version…

And, on the balance, he’s actually better. Some key changes:

  • 55 to 84 Vert
  • 31 to 69 Strength
  • And then some very very marginal 1 or 2 point nerfs in a bunch of Ratings.

Same Defense Tendencies, including high Steal/Intercept and extremely low 25 Foul Tendency. Which I think is really low for a guard.

His HoF badging is almost exactly what I had hoped for:

  • Giant Slayer
  • Dimer
  • Floor General
  • Needle Threader
  • Pass Fake Maestro
  • Clamps
  • Interceptor
  • Pick Pocket
  • Pick Dodger

But should be a really, really good PG in the current meta, and with current alternate options/competition.

Also excited from a NMS angle, in that I think if one can get him for a “good” price during his pack run, then Stockton will have enduring value and one need not stress out about divesting from him.

With last year’s Anniversary cards…were they not always at least worth as much as their initial pricing, at the point when their set was complete-able (prior to a reissue)?

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He does have HOF Pick Dodger

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Thanks! Corrected.

I think there’s something wrong with 2KMTC. They don’t display it for him at all, but I see the HoF indication on MTDB.

Big relief, as that was a really nasty shock.

Barring we don’t get someone like GP or Magic for a while, i think this PD Stockton could be my starting pg for a very long time. He has all of the qualities i look for in a pg especially since i run a more traditional style of offense.

With small guys being valuable this year and position locks in place, i can see him doing a lot of damage out there on the court.


Absofuckinglutely. I’m actually…jazzed for this release.

Love that a small and quick guy who doesn’t have atypical dunking can be such a force in the game.

And if it’s safe to presume that GO Ray Allen is very highly desirable, then I can buy and keep and play without being nervous about devaluation. I hope.


Bro, this card is super juiced. I don’t know, it looks extremely op for this period of the year

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At least they’re not HoF, but he does have Gold for: Diff Shots, Flex Release, Hot Zone Hunter, Quick Draw, Range Extender, and Steady Shooter.

He could be a really big problem taking threes off P&R screens?

This card is a sign of things to come, save that MT cards in packs are going to be juiced like crazy.


I am going to at least sit and wait a bit. I would imagine time to buy is around a week from now.

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Can someone on PS4 tell me what price my Stock is at? 12 min left, 99 contracts

Yup feel like an idiot wasting all that time grinding dom. Even Laettner looks better than Kemp. Stockton ran circles around my whole team. I must have this card.

I almost want to sell him. I haven’t used him game except for one TTOffiline game and he was fun. But if he’s actually selling for 300k… that’s a game changer. When i did use him i felt like I had so many options at my disposal. It was a bit overwhelming tbh. I also don’t know his release that well but it seems smoother this year than last year.

The tokens are still well worth it in the long run

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Yeah i dont wanna spend yet. Not when there are so many good players to be released. Need to stay liquid

Yeah I agree but damn the reward cards arent that great for Unlimited.

But let’s say that one buys Stockton at what is a “good” price during the run of his packs. Do you think he goes down post-packs, and do you not think that he’ll still be very valuable when its possible to lock for GO Ray Allen?

GO Ray Allen?

Cards that cost money (aka available from packs) are always gonna be better than any sort of free or reward cards. 2k wants to encourage a pay to win style of play rather than people grinding free shit

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Just placeholder but:

GO Ray Allen is the Set Reward for locking PRIME Series 1, of which Stockton is card #1 out of, I think, a 5 card set.

All the series 1 cards tanked hard during the year, will be in many different Superpacks.

Unless you want a really OP card right now it’s not worth it.