Prime Members get 10% to 20% off 2k19

this will allow you to get a 100 ps4 card for 90

with that card you can buy 2k19 on console for 90, leaving you with $10 in both your actual wallet and ps4 wallet.

That’s cool. I got prime, but I don’t trust USPS to get my shit in on time

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Lmao right? Prime is clutch. UPS/USPS, not so much.

Nah check my shit boys. Get the amazon code!

Lol we need reactions kinda like Facebook on here. @2KGamer yall can pick that up?

G2a is sometimes cheaper too. I’ve gotten 50 PSN for 42 and 100 PSN for 87.


So this isn’t for digital codes?

It is… not sure what @JohnnyHimrod meant.

All about the money again this year smh

I’m getting physical mb

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To clarify: this is a $10 bonus to Amazon Prime members who reload their gift card balance with another $100. There may be a restriction for those who have previously reloaded a gift card balance.

What @hoosiertailgate is describing is this sequence:

  • You reload your card with $100.
  • You hopefully get the 10% off deal pop up in the game, to buy 2K19. $89.99.
  • You use your Amazon gift card balance of $100 to buy a $89.99 PSN store card.
  • You use that balance to pay that discounted in-PSN-store deal for 2K19.

You still have $10.01 in your Amazon gift card balance and you will get credited with another $10 by Amazon.

So you bought 2K19 for 10%/$10 off, just like anyone straight buying it through PSN. But you commit to spending $10.01 on Amazon in the future and, for that, Amazon gives you another $10 in Amazon credit.

This makes sense in general for anyone who is going to spend ~$100 on Amazon in the near future. Not just for 2K19.

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Yep. I did exactly what I said and feel like I got it for $80, I’ll take that W

Emphasis on the “hopefully,” now…

Shame me twice… i pre-ordered, got pop up and now less then 3 weeks :scream_cat::sunglasses:

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