Prime kawhi or prime pg

I’m thinking about selling my PG13 and kawhi
Which one is better at the three guys what do u think??

Kawhi is way better , bwttwr shot , better defense , better sizeup , can dribble glitch. Kawhy by far …
kD better than both and way cheaper


@Pedronqneves im thinking on locking prime 3 if the reward is really good. Already have odom and luka, but with this SG releases im already confused on who to pick or should i really push through on locking.:disappointed_relieved:.

For you, who do you think should i get out of this 3 sg demar vs kawhi vs pg13.(note:i hate kd, so his a no for me) . Below is my current lineup.

Take this from someone that loves PG. Kawhai is better. That release is something else. I’ll probably keep both though


Ray Allen base. Just let that sink in.

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All Star Kawhi is better than PG and way cheaper, barely a difference to the GO


PG for sure !
Kawhi is the best overall one , Rozan probably the best offensive and PG it’s worst version of both …We have so many players now. Ahah

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Yeah. Its really hard to decide. I might get the 3 players and sell bird (hurts my fave player) and simmons.

I’d take kawhi 10 times out of 10

Take note i m also eyeing that jayson tatum.:rofl::rofl::rofl:. Now im in limbo!

Ahaha the best offensive card of them all :sweat_smile:

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how does he stack up on defense

Really is tatum really that good.:persevere: