Prime CP3 Build

So I put all MyTeam cards up for sale and gonna try to sell Mt for some VC. I just don’t really enjoy MyTeam like I did last year, and got really into MyCareer for the past week or so. I’m looking to make a prime CP3 type build, but it’s so damn hard trying to get it right. I’m hoping someone has any tips for the build lol.

It seems going down to 6 feet would be horrible playing online, but that seems to be the only way to get good defensive badges and get his ball handling/shooting at a high rating.

You should see 2k9 Cp3 99 ovr is amazing 2k9 cp3 rating+ 2k19 badge myteam cp3 card

Yolo make him 6ft. It will be that much more satisfying cookin ppl


Idk if it’s possible to remake those type of players with the restrictions this year, I could be wrong though.

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This is a valid point lol.

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i was gonna try to build you one but its tuff to get a prime cp3

since he was an elite playmaker and defender but if you pick that pie chart then the shooting isnt up to par

@Fra44 @Shamslol any ideas?

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Exactly!! Unless I go all the way minimum on wingspan but that hurts the steal’s ratings

Try this:

It’s a sharplock basically, but since you got down to 6’0/6’1 you unlock your playmaking too!

I know that CP3 without hof playmaking is weird but I’d build him like this. Or maybe try the yellow/red chart and lower wingspan to make him shoot


This was the closest I could get without sacrificing too much of each category. What you think? It’s been super fun playing with him


please stop doing builds with no inside defense

you even dont need to defend a drive without anything
and when youre so small, get your strenght up because even hof clamps on a midget is useless and not effective

Welp damn, it’s too late now lol.

never mind
its still a fun career build
and good for pro am
but for park… just too short

still a build you can have fun with

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That’s good news. I don’t really run park too much, most pro am or Rec center

thats allright, then youre almost never inside, all good. defense playmaking and shooting makes it worth it

Appreciate the advice my man. Any tips for badges? This is my first real go at my career so I’m not sure what’s needed lol

Build ain’t bad it sucks you have to wait till 95 just to get that +1 to speed boost. If you’re not playing with trash randoms you should be able to run an offense easily.

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That’s a dope build. I have a 6’5 playmaking shot (175lbs + min wingspan) with 1 finishing badge, 11 defensive, 22 shooting and 20 playmaking.

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I’d say playmaking badges are your most important. Dimer, anklebreaker and space creator are key for me.

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Yam on the world, shoot the lights out, dish dimes and if your stick skills are solid you have enough to clamp up most non dribble/screen gods

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Yeah thats the best build… to hop step through
@OGxSuave play lock on top

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