Prime 3 reward should be:


That will be the greatest reward in NBA 2K history, IMAGINE.


I’d sell my Xbox

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I knew it would be Muresan Hahaha

i guess i underestimated shoko. i somehow thought maybe just a shaq

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While Kawhi manages his load. The King clamps up Giannis, then Kawhi in the same weekend, all while making the Greatest Sports movie🍿 of all time.


All with you until “greatest sports movie of all time”…lost me bro


Just a 98 ovrall pd u forgot the GO for the glitched set

you have to stop spitting those lies someone will believe you one day. LeBron didn’t clamped anyone, Kawhi even in a bad day had better percentage in his shots in their matchups and I didn’t even talk about the first two games where Kawhi was without a doubt the best player on the floor on both ends dropping +30 points.

I disagree. Would be a fat L and there’s already Tacko

Shoko is a Muresan Advocate Haha

yea i know, but i imagine most people wont lock for that???

Shoko loves Muresan almost as much as he loves Lebron.

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Speedboosting Muresan with Hof range and hof clamps doe

Sounds like a disgusting wet dream of about 4 or 5 weird people

give him Kobe release with HOF QD & cheesey dribbles and it’s a wrap

I was just trolling Shoko lol

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Opal Giannis with PG eligibility would be good enough too

No. I’d move to Nintendo DS

Shoko, quick question:

If you could play an Opal Murasan at the point guard spot, but the other four players on the court had to be Opal Bron…would you do it?

Expecting a glitch Michael jordan with hof arm extender