Prime 3 prediction

Hi guys. I happen to have all prime 3 cards and I was just wondering your predictions for what you guys think the reward and the last player will be. Also when it’s releasing?

I heard it’s going to be Bronny James. Source via @2KGamer


I would think Prime 3 would finish off this upcoming week


Yah that’s what I’m expecting soon. Hopefully the last player is someone like lillard who will only
Be around 300k max so I can afford him. I would also like to see opal zydrunas cousins and rj barret

To answer your question I see Prime 3 ending this week.

Either Tuesday (like Oscar and KG) or Prime superpacks starting Tuesday and the final card releasing Friday

I can def see prime super packs and then the prime player following that. 2k wants to put the final stretch in people paying to get the players for the final reward.

Opal Lillard the final player and GOAT Wilt as the lock in.


GOAT Wilt seems like a fair decision on what they will do with the lock in, for some reason I don’t see Bron being the lock in because I think 2k would want to profit off him in packs but who knows.

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What if GOAT Bron is the 5th player? Is 2k that greedy to make people spend 3-4 Million for the card that’s not even the reward?

i predict it will be underwhelming just like Prime 1 and Prime 2.

I actually locked in KG.

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Fax that could happen was just thinking about that. That is a very likely situation!

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Omg did someone say GOAT Lebron?!

I feel like I’ve been anticipating the GOAT Lebron for forever now lol

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The reward would have to be Goat Wilt or Shaq though, no?

:joy: :joy: :joy: Sam really wants that Lebron


We still need a GOAT Timmy and Bron at the least. So, one of them probably.

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GOAT LeBron 5th player and locks in GOAT Wilt or GOAT Oscar.

GOAT Bron in packs is going to kill what’s left of the market. Wed have to wait for another promo if they keep the trend they set with Magic and MJ.

Damn I think GOAT Bron is the 5th Prime player

I know you’ll have that beast day 1.

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:whale: mode will be activated that day

Is that my cue to ring up 450k vc?

Yah the market would be destroyed people would go crazy over a Bron that can play SF