Prime 1 and 2 Super packs

Didn’t see a topic. They are out.

@DRHM100 RIP no token rewards today


Good content 2k.

Fuck you 2K. Two weeks in a row with super packs

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VC only. Hahaha! What a joke.


Greedy fucks. :sob: I sold Wade and KP last night for around 135k each. :pray:t3:

Wow. Super packs before the 4th and 5th Prime 2 cards are even dropped. :man_facepalming:

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You have got to be fcking kidding… they don’t even have the fourth prime player released. Aight ya’ll. Imma just head out. i’ll come back in may when they update the token market.


Is KD in these?



I wonder how much KD will tank

Nice, so more recycled content with no new cards, good job 2k

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Ahhh shit

Odds probably ass. Doubt he will fall below 350k. Wade and KP will be 100k BINs.

Is it gonna be a good time to buy today?

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WTF Is wrong with this company!?!?! THEY TEASE TOKEN REWARDS AND DO THIS!!


Better than yesterday. Not sure I would say good when they’re VC only and lot of people are jumping ship as each day of shit content crawls on

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The fact these are VC packs I doubt KD drops in value much.

Depends if they announce the Prime 2 reward player

Wouldn’t they want to do this to increase spending on the Prime Super Packs?!?

This is dumb.

KD will go right back up when the award is announced.

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