Prices are insane

Amethyst Clyde Drexler - the almost as good as the diamond reward that many people said when it was new that it was an insanely good card - is selling for 5k MT. 5k. What the hell. Now I haven’t used either versions myself but some time ago he or Dr J with 3pt shoes looked like a worthy backup SG on a solid team. 2K has created a serious madness with their latest card releases. Nobody knows when and what to sell and what to buy anymore.
PD Dirk for 100k looked like a wet dream just 24h ago. And now I’m not even sure that I would buy him for that price. New cards literally hold value for 24-48 hours now. Talk about a fast food culture.


Well I have Hakeem locked in and sold everything else so imma cop Drexler for that duo :slight_smile:

The market is officially dead. Too late to cash out for anyone that was thinking about it i think.

They over-saturated the market with the last few drops. I pulled that Zo within 15mins of the packs dropping and he was already selling at 25k, since then i’ve seen him at 15K! Glad i cashed in for the 25 at least.

The worth of amys are extremely low. Diamonds are at amy prices and rubies are bordering on quicksells. I think that’s the end of the sellers market, it’s all buy, buy, buy and just getting your fave dudes to run.


I purchased 97 zo for 7500 Mt about ten minutes ago and grabbed Pd penny for 97k but I’m sure he will drop more so i may resell

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7500 for a diamond! wow.
Is that a snipe, or is he roughly under 10 now?

He’s around 15k so I think that’s a small snipe

Just got amy bowen diamond contract for 3450, not bad :smiley:

There’s diamonds for 5k right now lol.


Nice. I had a little run with him and he seems pretty good. I will buy back at these crazy prices

I grabbed a Nash earlier today with diamond defensive shoe for 15k. I still believe he will be murdered by opposing guards haha


Yep you can count on it. Nash is too small. He can guard point guards fine just not all the big guys people are playing in the point guard spot.

Was able to get a 97 curry for 500mt earlier.


You win :fire: @Gpap

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Only netted a profit of a little over 30k tho after tax but I’ve been getting real lucky lately. I wasn’t even trying to snipe, just checking what the cheapest diamonds were at and he was up there. Same thing with diamond dame a couple weeks ago I found one for 500mt when he was still 80k+

Penny is BIN? If my stuff sells I will have around 100k waiting for some crazy deals. I don’t think I’ll get Penny. Sure he’s tall but I don’t think he will eventually be worth even 100k.

On Xbox people aren’t even bidding 100k for him and going unsold

Yeah i think he’ll mainly be used as a little spark off the bench until he starts getting abused. Basically like that amy IT

I got him and I wanna sell him back already. Honestly with all these cheap Pd and diamond cards he’s probably not worth 100k especially since he will probably fall when they release the next big Pd card. Look at Baron Davis he’s down to 50k for a pink Diamond. Dirk 90k. Penny 100k. KD 200.

Don’t buy anything unless it has the perfect shoe.

There are also a few cards that will stay expensive based on how rare they are, 97 Cousins, KAT.

PD Kyrie with Red Kyries went for 250K today, pretty crazy.

Embiid is 300k+ and also Tmac