Price Valuation - Hakeem

How much do you think I could get for Hakeem with High Currys and Gold Limitless Range. I don’t want to get rid of him but also have no MT for some duo fun

Maybe 90-100K.

Its going to be hard to part away from this card but I know I wont be playing this game when the new one comes out.

System? Contract?

Ps4 and no contract tho. I’ve seen him go for more 110k -115k. So if I can get that ill just contract him up if it gets me more.

I check the AH everyday looking for a PD Olajuwon with diamond shoe… Since I get my own PD Olajuwon, there are less in the AH each day and price raise up. Actually there is only one 100k BIN.

Yeah I ended up putting mine up, he’s awesome! The only player that pushed wilt to the bench lol

The same for me. Hakeem is the really ultimate player this year in my opinion. Wilt is the ultimate center. I’m thinking in using both in my starting 5.

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If he doesn’t have a Duo, then he’s not in Duo packs. With those taking away attention from opening throwback packs, he’s getting more and more rare.

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I’m willing to pay 125k for Hakeem with orange Adidas (Xbone) if anybody is interested.