Price of diamond Larry bird

Is he BIN, away for vacation

Not yet. There are a ton up though, all ending around 120-150k. I’m pretty sure he’ll be lower than that in a few hours.

I keep getting outbid and it’s very annoying lol


I sold one with a shoe and contract about an hour ago for 180k.

Anyway how is Larry Bird? Better than KD?

His release was too slow for me. I did play against him in Unlimited tonight and he didn’t do anything special.

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Always love birds shot. He hits contested shots and pops up to 3pt line like its nothing.

But he aint the end game bird thats for sure. When hes out he will be my end game 2 or 4


thanks man have you tried ralph sampson?

Yeah i have, have him next to wilt lol

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How is he bro?

Hes solid, but he aint no gasol or mutombo. Hes in the middle of both but taller lol

Blake/Ltd KAJ

Where should I slip Ralph?

It all depends how u play i guess. I just need solid defense and grabbing boards from 4-5 then a shooter.

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Thanks man. I would try to snipe a ralph then resell if he doesnt work for me.

I just pulled Ralph today, haven’t tried him yet but he’ll be my back up center replacing Hakeem. Starting is limited Kareem…