Price controlling in Auction House (PC)

Price controlling in Auction House (PC)

Is someone trying to monopolized the market on PC? There are like thousands of Bob Love with a minimum price bid of 100k for days now. I would assume they all came from the same or group of players.

Sometime i wonder how many active myteam players are there on PC, the prices are just so different than consoles without much logic.

One thing for sure, someone paying or glitching some serious VC somehow as I wasnt expecting that much rare cards on the AH from the superpacks, and given if you know what you doing, you don’t really need VC to play on PC really adds to the mystery.

Them bots bro. I play on PC too and always have to filter the diamond tier because if the Bob Love spam.

My fun theory is a bunch of chinese dudes said fuck 2k and their shitty anti cheat on pc and just went rampant to make all cards as affordable as possible by ripping as many packs as possible through mt/vc farming/hacking

but i wanna know why earl monroe is the second most expensive card (1.5-2.5 mil)