Price check

GO Kareem price check on ps4?

About 2 Yao’s worth

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Price check on 2 Yao’s?

Like 240. Saw some 210s

GO Luka on PS4 please

Can somebody please check on PS4

GO Melo
GO Curry
GO and PD klay

This morning GO Melo was about 230k-270k, Curry well under 100k (not sure of an exact number), Klay for like 150-170k. Not sure about the PD Klay.

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Would you swap GO Curry and GO Klay for GO Melo? (I own Melo)

No way, definitely not. There would be other combinations (not Klay/Steph) of players for 250k that I would run instead of Melo though – that is a whole different conversation though and fully dependent on your lineup.

I got both Melo and Gay on SG and SF and I feel that they have simillar skillset. I feel that I’m wasting one of them, so I want someone different

Or maybe you can recommend me somebody within Melo’s price?

I would recommend you start a new thread with a picture of your lineup and your MT and what you are looking for and see what the community thinks

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