Price check on ps4 for Derozan, Hill, Kristaps?

They all BIN?

Only Demar

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i am also curious what their going for, kp and hill will most likely be on my lineup

Since they aren’t BIN nobody knows until the first ones end in a few hours

damn i forgot it hasn’t even been 4 hours yet lol

How cheap is Demar going for now?

Can probably get him for 35k, should drop a little more. KP is BIN now too.

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Got one for 29k

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who is this for?

Damn Demar is really that cheap? How is Hill looking?

Just checked he ending at 200k flat, hopefully he’s down to 150k by the end of the day

Interested in this thread, I’m targeting Grant. I saw some getting him in the 150K range.

I cant use him without personality badges.

Thats the price i got Demar for sry

Do you feel that personality badges are that important?

Yes some of them boost attributes up to +10 when the badge is activated.

Floor General and Def Anchor alone make a card much better. Microwave helps them get takeover quicker. Spark Plug is a big one.

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