Price check for the diamonds in the Flight School packs. PS4

What are the MJ, Dwight, and Clyde going for? Debating on saving my VC or ripping now.

Dwight and Clyde like 100-110k and mj 250k+

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thank you sir.

You ripping

yup. I want dwight.

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Same Dwight always a monster in 2k

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I pulled MJ plus a diamond Cp3 shoe… Should I sale and buy back?

Yea sell or hold off till weekend

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Nice pulls wish I got that lucky sometimes lil

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I pulled 20 guaranteed packs

Now hold on there I ain’t got that kinda money to spend not on 2k at least :wink:

I used MT lol

sell the shit out of it Haha

Posted him. That Mj is a beast . Lightning quick. Amazing defense

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Not sure why people are geeking over the MJ. The card doesn’t seem better thank Kobe to me. I haven’t used it though.

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Only card that seems like it would be serviceable is Dwight. MJ is a lesser Kobe/Iggy. Clyde also. This set is a trap. Intangibles for days hidden behind animations and card art.

Very true, although I may consider Clyde for my bench just for the fun factor. To be fair, pretty much every card so far has crazy high intangibles besides Mashburn and most PDs for the most part

Is dwight for 100k a good price?

You have a couple of others like Oscar and Iggy that have 70 intangibles as a diamond but the diamonds in this set have 90+ intangibles. I would tell you go for it if you love the players but the price tags these cards carry just seems unnecessarily high. They will be obsolete quicker than some cards that are already available.

just wait hes going to.go.way down. middle of hell be 80k next week.