Previous season's rewards

Is there any chance of past season’s rewards cards being available in some way in the future?

I really want that Damon Stoudamire card from season 1. I joined season one late and had no idea what I was doing so didn’t get him but would love a chance at him now. Also the spotlight reward Joe Ingles.

I know these aren’t great cards but they’re two favourites

probably not, but both will probably get an amythest or something at some stage :slight_smile:

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I hope so!

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I think for the level 40 rewards there is a good chance of them being included at lower tier levels in future seasons.

So when dark matter cards are a thing level 5 Curry, level 10 Blake etc.

But the lower tier cards probably not

I feel like this is a great addon, but they should implement a “combat pass”.
Basically 100lvl and you grind for free cards, etc…
Once you are done, you can get more packs, which will give you some of the previous cards.

like in BO4 for those who playsed it

Well they did give the opportunity to collect all 12-0 rewards in the end of 2k20. So I’d bet that they’ll do it again. Much less grind for the cards then but of course most of them will be unusable in Unlimited by then.

Maybe in season 6 level 41-45 would be the first 5 season rewards idk if that’s a good idea tho

But they pretty much already been given different rewards at different tiers
Diamond JR basically being the PD
Diamond Pierce being the PD
Diamond Curry being the PD

I think the season rewards should stay as is and they can continue to give basically equivalent cards down the line once they become obsolete

has anyone ever gone up against that pd otis birdsong? i genuinely do not even know if that card exists

i think 2k has missed the timing, if they re-release steph/other content last seaon people would still grind for it
its too late now we starting to see ruby/amy demons like dino, kobe and bonga

I have the card but there’s never been a reason to use it