Pretty sure new moments will be released tomorrow

Moments from the second round. Who do you think will get cards

My thoughts.
Amy draymond green
Amy terry rozier
Amy joel embiid
Amy tatum
Diamond jrue
Diamond kyle lowry (crossing my fingers)
Ruby valanciunas
Sapphire og anunoby
Pink bronze demar derozan lol


94 heat Bosh?

94 Antoine Walker

I’d love to get a diamond KLove

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Forgot about love. They might wait to see how the ecf goes tho

Id love to run bosh. Ive been looking at adding a new 4

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We didn’t get any for the first round

Yah we did Where did all those playoff moments cards come from ? I cant see them not awarding terry rozier a card. He deserves it. There will be cards dropped very soon.

Man we need an amy embiid so badly

Chris Paul, capela, pj tucker, Royce O’Neal are also candidates

I definitely have my fingers crossed for an amy Draymond.


94+ Antoine Walker would be amazing. I remember getting buckets all last year over top-tier cards with him, his jumper was too easy, until they changed it.

Stats wise, I think he’d be similar to ruby Kuzma, but better on rebounding and probably SwB.

If chris paul gets a diamond ill fuckin riot. People spent a lot of money to lock in cp3 diamond. Be terrible decision to do that. If peeps want a diamond chris it exists. Thats just me. Im sure all the other chris paul owners feel the same way.

CP3 gonna have a 95 Diamond for sure

How is Embiid’s best card still a ruby? Absurd.

What I really want is that Diamond ROTY Ben Simmons, it’s the last card I want this year.

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NO NO NO PLease nooooo

I think tomorrow they are going to stream to show the schedule of their shitty e league, so we won’t get anything related to myteam, maybe they are show the players from the new collection but that seems impossible too

Anything in mycareer? I feel like that’s always where the first promo leak is. Also, Overdrive is without a doubt the flop of the year.

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It’s Wednesday night and we still don’t have new Moments cards lol. Poor Jordan… 2k is milking him so dry that his nips have to be sore AF.


He’s chafing already.

I would be shocked if u didnt :joy: We have to have twin teams.