Pretty sure ball drops are rigged. (video)

Specifically at the 0:20 mark of this video.

This defies all laws of physics!! WHAT is pulling the ball toward the peg on the far right? As it bounces off the final peg it should shoot much more to the left, but instead it CLINGS to the peg, almost like it is magnetized!

I would think a complete rigging of the ‘physics’ is probably too complicated for 2K to pull off but when I see things like this I’m just at a loss - this happening to anyone else?

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I’ve seen that animation recently too. Did it to me on a Wallace pack on TTO

Yeah, got this animation too, once but it was good for me!

I mentioned this happening to me a while back. I’ve seen it countless times. Some instances it’ll cling to the peg on the far side and continue doing it all the way down, one peg after the other as if it’s magnetized.

Wowowowow. That was Greasy!!!

We are all like

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The last two days have been bad, especially the last few hours tho!

Then there’s this one at the 0:23 mark

Like the ball was already bouncing on the left side of the slot. There’s no physics-based reason it should start moving in the opposite direction of the momentum.

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Just a little backspin lol

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Off topic: I put a little back spin on some of my bounce passes to avoid the defense. Opens up bad passing lanes, plus it looks cool. :sunglasses:

I had that exact same board with 4 balls, no matter what i did, it went to the ledt and right of the tokens on the last bounce every time

its random.

It’s not completely random though. It will never get all the way from the left wall to right wall. It’s potentially random within the drop area but it does seem like physics is at play with the exception of moments like in the videos I’ve shared

Anyone noticed the same magnetic effect on shots the cpu make in modes like fandom? Just kinda sits on the rim, takes a quick look at the score, then decides if it’s gonna drop in

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