Preparing for a bad MyTeam 2K19

Let’s be real, Live isn’t good. It’s getting better, but most of us are still gonna play 2K, because at it’s core, it’s by FAR the best basketball game. But outside of basic play now modes, this game can be a nightmare. MyTeam has been marred by terrible issues for years.

Equalizer, VC greed, overpowered unrealistic cards, how boring the mode is for players who hate Supermax, the fact that most of the rewards you can earn are useless because 2K doesn’t allow for undersized players to play well, etc. I’m sure every player on this forum can list 10 personal issues with the mode.

I love this game, and this is my favorite mode to play, I love 2K for the fact that they make the best basketball game every year, but we have to make hold them accountable, because we deserve a great game. We pay $60 (This year I bought the $150 version) and then spend countless money on VC, we shouldn’t have to deal with something like sub-glitching, settings not saving, hidden pack odds, the bogus salary cap, the fact that the main mode is just a cheese fest. I mean, have they even added amethysts to Pack & Playoffs yet or did they just leave the mode out to die? Weren’t we supposed to be penalized for out of position players? Remember when we were told we’d have to have guys playing in the right system for them? We still don’t have Yeezy’s from 2K17 lol.

So here’s what I propose, we set up deadlines that correspond with big NBA dates, Christmas Day games, All-Star Break, Playoff start, etc and we discuss the state of the game, with a poll attached. (Pinned to the top so we can get as many votes as possible) If we’re satisfied with the game based on the poll, we continue as normal, but if the majority is negative, then we stop buying VC and pulling packs for a certain period of time, maybe even stop watching our favorite 2K YouTubers for that time (Since they have a more direct connection with 2K and they will absolutely speak up if their views plummet) whether that be a week, or we hold out until the address the issues we have, this type of demonstration will force 2K’s hand because NO company is going to be satisfied if they start losing money.

Like, I said, I love 2K, but I also understand that it is a business, and success of a business is largely dictated by profit margin. If a company is making an insane amount of money, why would they change anything, and I while I do appreciate the boost in content, it’s useless because the game is at a bad point. I appreciate that they seem to be headed in the right direction, and I hope that they truly will be better moving forward but that’s how it always starts off, then around that first patch it all goes downhill. We have to make them respect us, by showing them that we are not willing to continue to shell out hundreds of dollars to play a broken game.

At this point, this is a general Idea, I am open to input on every aspect of the plan. Adding more dates, timing the polls with new content releases, etc. I don’t think 99,999 people hounding Ronnie or the guys on Twitter is the way to go with these concerns, if we can be unified, and present our case on this forum as a group, then we are in a better position to demand change.


Most of us are not going to play k19 MyTeam, at least half of the active crew here. :slight_smile: 2k19 Poll / Who is buying it?


I’ll probably keep running 18 until I hear the honest opinions of the community. I doubt much will change and all that’s been released is cover athletes which makes me believe we are in for the same hot garbage we were served this year. If I get 2k19, it’s going to be when it’s significantly discounted

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I love this thread, @KNGSHxT. I completely agree with all of this. It is truly one of the biggest scams I’ve seen that this greedy, dogshit company has actually convinced people to spend hundreds, if not thousands, on a broken product. With that being said, @Ddrop is right, most of the people who actually give enough of a shit to try to do anything about it have already had enough, and will not be getting 2K19, myself included.

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Ima pick it up and just stick to my league and pno until like february as I do enjoy the other game modes alot. I’ll make alot of free VC by then and I cant see myself putting any extra money towards this damn myteam mode. Shit is cancerous and will only get worse.

Pno dies out too quick…what’s the appeal to mygm?

My league*

It depends on what cards we get at the beginning of the year. If it’s Giannis and LeBron then I might not play since people are gonna run Giannis at point

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I like the management aspects of things. It’s more of my personality being I love the general manager role. I like developing mediocre teams or using a team with a nice rookie and seeing where I can take them.

Welcome to the forums btw

I’m gonna buy it regardless if it’s trash or not. Like I have said before I’m one of the few that actually enjoys MyTeam and Supermax but I can understand you guys frustration with it. I think the main reason why most ppl hate it is because they spend so much damn money on it expecting great pulls that they know they are no goin to get. I say just don’t spend a lot of money grind for a couple of months stack your mt go play mypark stack your vc and come back later and have fun. Stop putting thousands of dollars into a game that you know is trash…


I highly doubt this is the case. Everyone will be back.

Let’s be real.


I’ll be on my domination grinding until they find the best archetypes and thats when i’ll join my friends in park


Never heard of it…holly told me about it…was looking for something to do while I was waiting out a sub glitcher lol

Lol nice. Were talkin just a few days ago about how you’re one of the best players we’ve played on xb1. I think you and I played about 4-5 times and i beat u maybe once or twice outta those

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Wow, 15 less customers for 2K :joy:

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Yep domination till best archetypes get found then play the one build to stack vc. When diamonds come out i can have some fun with mt and vc

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Wow :open_mouth: he’s right Giannis and Lebron are the cover athletes. This means people will be running ruby Giannis at center with Lebron at point guard from day 1. Good luck against the cheese. I’ll be playing madden. I’m done with 2k

I remember last year at the same time I was so anxious to get 2k18. Now I don’t want the next one. So believe me when I say I won’t get it (I have a kid and I may have to buy it for him, at least for Christmas). But I won’t play it from the get-go. I want to run 2k18 for as long as possible, hopefully until next May-June. And then we’ll see if 2k20 will have some big changes. But honestly, I should just stop playing this shit. It’s just too demanding and I’ve got some more important shit to do.

I wish u all the luck then.