Prelude Thoughts, Rambling

Just going to list random thoughts I get as I go through the Prelude. Not sure if I’ll keep updating this first post or if I’ll add replies…

2KU Warriors vs. Cavs Scrimmage

  • Defense feels better. Easier to stay in front. Not giving up blow-bys. Just defended a snatch-back and defender stuck much closer. But this is vs. CPU and probably low difficulty, so who knows.

  • Stealing, at least in this Warrios/Cavs scrimmage, is ludicrously easy.

  • It is weird playing on Broadcast style view.

  • Post play feels more fluid. Timing windows to chain/combo moves seem more relaxed. Moves seem more decisive.

  • I just faked a post fade into a sort of a hook shot…Tristan Thompson jumped on the fake and when I went to the second move, it ended up as a contact layup animation. Imagining maybe this is result of how biting on fakes with a block attempt leads to fouls.

  • I don’t remember us being able to use LS to select 2nd target for touch passing.

  • Probably this is on rookie, but hitting contested post shots is way easier.

  • P&R defense behavior by CPU seems better.

  • Post animations are different. They seem a little more nuanced in general and I immediately noticed also that Boogie doesn’t have the terrible upright fade animation he has in 2K18.

  • Wow, nice…now when defending, directionality of RS determines arm you use to stick into passing lane.

  • On D, movement is much more responsive. Change in direction seems much more crisp. You don’t overshoot hard.

  • Hm. This “Tap L2” for rapid slowdown while driving seems interesting.

Now gonna go into the MyCareer starter thing…

EDIT: Adding MyCareer Impressions. SPOILER WARNING: if you care, might spoil Prelude storyline.

I played a ton of MyCareer in 2K15, a good amount in 2K16. Basically didn’t touch it for 2K17 and 2K18. My feeling on MyCareer in general is that it’s pretty fun to grind one’s way up to All-Star, and then perhaps to MVP sort of level. The grind makes it “gratifying.” And the storyline can be sort of enjoyable.

But then it gets boring AF because one is locked into one player with whom one can end up performing like a GOAT. And it gets boring to just chase stats/records. And it especially gets boring to be perpetually double-teamed.

Enjoyed the MyCareer Prelude Storyline. As much as one can enjoy one of these. Enjoyed how they had Chinese play-by-play/commentary running the whole time, in games. Slightly disappointed, in case I do play MyCareer, that the Prelude ends with one’s player in LA and, presumably, working out for NBA teams. Would have been interesting if one had the option of staying in China longer.

MyTeam Prelude Gameplay

General notes/impressions:

  • I made a Post/Post Center. 7’0" or 7’1", I forget. I think around 275-285 pounds. Max wingspan.

  • The creation dialog will allow you to see the effects of different choices. Using bar charts, basically, and not quantified precisely, but better than before. This includes being able to see effect of archetypes upon badges…and see specific badging changes.

  • I don’t know if my OVR changed after several games and something like 6-10 bars of upgrades. But I think one is ~60 OVR.

  • Imagine the other players are similar pretty bad as I was able to get post spins with pretty alright success rate. And despite being low in basically everything else, could box out opponents and generally got rebounds when I had position. Could even establish position on offensive side, if I timed dashing into the paint well, and get some O boards.

  • At this low OVR, post-spins into driving layups was my go-to move. And my impression was that contested driving and standing layups, and contested hook drives all were falling at better rate than I’d expect. Against shitty competition, broke free off post-spins just enough, two or three times, to get contact dunk posterizers.

  • Especially in the game against the NBA All-Stars. Pretty much could not baseline post-spin on AD or KAT or Boogie. But I could spin and “hook drive” the other way and not get immediately repulsed back and, a good % of times, got a little position to get off a contested moving layup/hook…that would generally fall.

  • It’s interesting to go back to “player lock” play and follow play instructions. Not easy even to play a big man and go from, say, low post to opposite wing to set screen. Or set two successive screens in two different directions at two different spots.

  • Generally do not like introduction of Takeover mechanic. Just don’t like stuff like this because I don’t like the introduction of having to think about when to activate it. I would rather that it just activate when it activates, which I think is also more realistic. To the extent to which “being hot” exists at all, in real life, it’s not like it can be activated at some specific time, as if one were engaging a NOS switch.

  • Got Takeover for a few possessions in the NBA game and, with it engaged, hit a contested shimmy fade against AD that probably wouldn’t have gone in otherwise. More dramatically, drop-stepped on AD and while I didn’t initially get a good drop-step animation…my dude then used his elbows to completely clear AD away from him and have clear path to basket for a big standing dunk.

  • So I think Takeover is going to be a big deal. It seemed like, at least on offense, it might not be a far cry from NBA Jam “on fire” godliness. I don’t think this is good, even though it doesn’t last a long time, even if one doesn’t do anything bad to shorten it.

  • Anyway, I enjoyed it. Appreciated how there wasn’t any excessively long stretch of time when one had to watch the game from the bench. The mode seems to cut to the chase well, now.


Nice comment bro. Looking forward to your comments on MyCareer

You can definitely change camera view and yes the fluidity improvements are noticeable

You can change the difficulty in pause menu harry

I noticed that 5 Out isn’t a freelance option anymore


Ive only played quick game so far, it looks like most of my defense focus will be on trail cheese and pick and roll, i notice the players switch alot but taking away the stress from 5 out blow bys. I also noticed 3 rip floppy wasnt in the warriors playbook so it looks like some plays have been changed

If they fix the switch defense than playing defense would be so much better. Would eliminate a lot of the problems I had when playing dudes who ran plays.

Def seems like the switch all defense is ALOT smoother. Im not gonna lie i liked it alot. The shot meter for the layups is great. Post fades are actually working. U can score in the post. N i CANNOT wait to clamp all these bums that 5 out zig zagged all year thinkin they could hoop. Cuz the defense feels WAY better. D is gonna b fun!!


Wait post moves can actually be done? God I’m gonna kill online nobody knows how to defend them

Yea i only really worked it w boogie. But it def seemed better. It Might of just been the layup meter gave me a false hope lol. Cuz i greened a few layups n got super excited :joy::joy:

will zigzag or 5 out work for 2k19?

Zig zag removed and 5out free lance removed

Great news.

I hope they removed the 5 out plays from certain playbooks too. The freelance was already adapted to a 4out 1 in (although it said 5 out) last year.

Even if someone figures out a 5-out exploit, it’s not going to be guaranteed buckets anymore

question guys :to those that have played what are you using and how do you like it? Looking to make a pure playmaker this year i think lol. Also need suggestions for a center build with decent amount of hof badges and good stats for my friend.

can we play quick game after the prelude is finished?

only can do 2ku which kinda sucks but okay for now…

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I made a pure shot creator pg like I always do. The archetype has not many hof badges but 11 silvers and very well rounded imo. I’m knocking them down from mid range

sounds good. Im still debating tho. since my friends are gonna be mostly scoring im wanting a playmaking build and really want to be good with it. I know 2k16 was different but as a playmaker i could play well bc of speed and i was more a passer anyways lol