Prelude still worth doing?

Just wanted to know if I should do the prelude? Just made a Rebouding wing and maxed his 3 but I can’t make any shots or get badge progress , should I just restart and do the prelude?

The prelude is only good to get a couple of shooting badges before making it to the NBA. Normally you can get about 4 shooting badges in the Prelude.

Yes if ur willing to spend vc again

Part 2 is the important one

Woah there’s a new glitch ?


only works twice in 24 hours but it’s worth it cuz no quick draw is ass

Put base 38 on
Play with a guard (ideally hof floor gen/Dimer)
Sit corner 3 in 2s & grind like that

No do not reset just to do prelude, prelude is ass but idk about the above glitch

Ahhh ok i remember that glitch worked like a charm in my beginning days