Predictions on who will be a draft bust and steal this year?


I know we are not nearly there yet but asking early to find out what everyone thinks about this


I dunno bout this zion kid lol. He cant bully people in the nba. And for his position he isnt that tall. Just stocky af


Zion will be a bust.
Ja Morant is a STEAL at #2.


I feel like that kid Keldon Johnson is all “kentucky hype”


Coby white really nice


idk i kinda feel like zion could be a bust and rj will be the best player … i have that feeling


Bol Bol is black Kristaps. Pick him over thicc Andrew Wiggins aka Zion


If Zion doesn’t go #1, it’s the biggest steal of the draft. Bol Bol is a steal, Ja is the most likely bust

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I wonder if @Dmvr still thinks we can get Coby White now that we only have the 14th pick :sob:

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And y’all who sayin Zion is a bust are tweakin out.


How that would working with smart, Kyrie, rozier,but some mock drafts have going highest as 3 the lowest was 7 I don’t see him getting pass up by the bulls


i did say it but idk man whats gonna happen. alot are hoping for it but i just have a feeling of that he could be. I know hes insanely good but idk. we have to see him really play in the nba first to decide. I hope hes not a bust and by the way he plays he shouldnt be.


I call Zion ROY. Even if he played against boys, he’s about as athletic as Lebron in 2005, if not more. His shot is funky, but its better than Simmons, and he’s just fine. Zion has an efficient low post game, great playmaker, defender, etc. There’s almost a 0% Zion is a bust, god forbid he gets injured.


its hard to say. we havent seen him in the nba yet so we got a while. sometimes guys that do well in college or and in high school cant handle the pressure of playing at a high level like the nba or play at that level. i think he will be fine but a single injury could end a career in a second… I hope he does well but i just have a bad feeling thats all… I really want to see him succeed in the nba though. i think he will be fine but im just worried about it. and saying theres a 0% chance hes a bust theres still a chance but its unlikely for him i think. i hope im not wrong

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I want to see Zion succeed too, but I believe he is overhyped. Like previously mentioned, he won’t be able to play bully-ball as well in the NBA. Guys are bigger and stronger. He has a nice post game but what happens when someone like Rudy Gobert? Embiid? is guarding him down-low? Big strong/lanky guys.

We’ll see though. I just don’t like that he’s hyped as the second-coming of LeBron right now. But I hope he builds a name for himself.

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same here tbh thats the way i feel . its hard to predict really


MPJ will be the best rookie confirmed

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Zion will be fine. He has Jrue running the point and that man ain’t afraid to share the ball, imagine those 2 on the fast break. I also dont think Pels will trade AD until the deadline if he still wanna go so imagine those 3 on the break


I need to bookmark this thread, this is a pure comedy :joy:

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Check back. I don’t mind being wrong.