Predictions for the next set?

Let’s pray.

Plzzz lord let this happen

Another player I expect to see is diamond nuggets JR with a melo duo. If they boost melo defense is cop him. Not sure this fits a “finals” set

Man’s Olympic Basketball Final for sure😁

I just want diamond Iggy.

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Set reward: 99 LeBron
Auctionable: 98 Wilt and some others

Evolution packs end in 24 hours. Will we get a new set tomorrow/friday or maybe Giannis was the last set?

98 playoffs Bosh with better stats than pd Porzingis

I can really really see that happening


You know what I can too.

Give me 98 Wilt with 14+ HoF Badges and a 94 Iguodala with…

HoF Relentless Finisher
HoF Posterizer
HoF Lob City Finisher
HoF Defensive Stopper
HoF Pick Dodger
HoF Pick Pocket
HoF Bruiser


That’s Iggy would be glorious !

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Or a TWolves Kevin Love.
There has always been an alternative to the season reward.

Yup, and the alternative usually has an edge

I just want a PD LeBron but I have a feeling it’s going to be Wilt

I hope there is no DI nash.
Im on the way to unlock him next week

I sure hope so. I purposely stopped chasing the bosh reward card cuz im holding out for whatever bosh card they release. Even if its an amy ill be happy. Be a nice consolation prize for not getting PD kp

I’m one card from the Bosh collection reward, just waiting to see what happens


When do we think they will post on Facebook? If they do at all

Hahaha i was basically there with you. I needed allen payton and richmond. But i had the mt to buy them all and lock in. I did a big turn around though. Got playoff lebron instead. And picked up AK while i wait for bosh.

Been running 98 McHale with a diamond Kobe speed shoe… He’s awesome!