Predictions for the next set?

Anyone have any ideas will this finally be pd lebron, or are they saving him for the finals

The next set will be called " the refund"

It will contain payback amounts to everyone who deserves them


PD Wilt
PD LeBron
D Dikembe
D Bill Walton
D Sam Jones
D/A Nash (96/97)
D Blake Griffin
D/A Bosh
D/A Cowens
D/A Parish
A Khris Middleton
A Myles Turner
A Kuzma
R Dennis Smith Jr.

Just cards I’m brainstorming. Could be a Playoffs set which would include half the cards I mentioned (specifically Wilt, Baron, Walton, Sam Jones, and Parish).

Here are the players that I am expecting, some in the set and rest as TBT PO Moments:

PG Curry, Archibald, Monroe, Kyrie, Bing, Jay and Deron Williams,
SG Dumars (maybe), Van Exel
SF LBJ, Iggy ,Kiki,
PF Chambers, Hayes, McGinnis, Brand, Draymond, Blake (maybe)
C Wilt, Mutombo, Walton, Cowens, Parish

My prediction is that PD LBJ or PD Wilt will be set reward…

That was copy and pasted from a past post lol.

sure I wrote it lol

An amy Pippen would make sense too with 2k making all rewards have cheap replicas.

Not a lot left, last years final set was so stacked, maybe a di jr smith

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Hoping for Amy pippen

He’ll have better badging than the diamond.

I’m really hoping for a Griffin and Dikembe

I keep seeing you mention Sam Jones… and now I’m curious why do you think they’ll release a D Sam Jones?? I don’t think he’s ever gotten a card higher then amythest.

Because he’s, IMO, the fifth best Celtic of all time. Only Bird, Bill, Hondo, and Pierce are ahead of him. He’s probably better than Pierce tbh.

Probably the same badging. Would be awesome if they made him a Blazers card and gave him a duo with Saba.

God please give us Wilt the Stilt!!!

They have to.

I just want Bosh or Antoine Walker

That would be perfect. Too perfect.

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I’ll tip my hat to you then… prob the most underrated Celtics player of all time. Def deserves a diamond even if it’s a 95-96… won 10 championships alongside Russell, and was one of the top shooters of that era… but 2k has shown they only care about what will sell packs and 2k is way behind with there’s still being a lot of diamond cards that haven’t come out yet and the finals starting Thursday.

it might be a finals promo with pd lebron and 98 diamond wilt

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