Predictions for Conference and NBA Finals?

We are finally at the end of the playoffs almost and so I ask whats your predictions for the finals and the conference finals?? I have the Raptors winning the East in 6-7 games and Warriors and Blazers going to 6 with Warriors barely beating them the final game… Hope im wrong on that though and Blazers come out on top in 7… also hopefully raps or bucks do win the title this year lol

I think Toronto wins it all. It was my prediction when the playoffs started, sticking to it after wavering for my Sixers. Warriors over Blazers.


Warriors vs shit I don’t know, should be a good one in the east, but I’ll go Milwaukee.
Warriors vs Milwaukee 2019 finals.

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Bucks in 7

Warriors in 5

Warriors in 5

Warriors vs Blazers 4-0
Bucks vs Raptors 4-2

I really hope either team in the east wins the finals i just hate the warriors ( OKC fan so I have a bit of a reason : KD)

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But, I want to see toronto, I also like their chances as much as Milwaukee.

I honestly feel split right now. Because both Toronto and Milwaukee are extremely fun to watch.

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Idk i think that either east team is taking in 6-7 games and maybe blazers win 1-2 games at least. hoping blazers win 4 and kd joins knicks or goes back to okc lolol

yeah giannis is so fun to watch and kawhi so the games will be good . i feel like either team has a good chance to win the finals against warriors but hoping they get lucky to play the blazers

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Bucks in 5

Warriors in 6

too early to talk NBA Finals

Blazers are fun to watch as well, I also enjoyed Denver’s play, wouldn’t have mind the Nuggets in there.

warriors losing to an east team in 6

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idk. i think bucks series will be closer than 5 games. only reason is because pascal, kawhi ( not lowry), gasol i guess, danny green they have some decent players… i dont watch alot but they seem like a good team on paper lol. i think its gonna be good. and i think this is the year warriors finally lose

Raptors in 7
Blazers in 6( If Kd/boogie out for the entire series)
Blazers in 6 vs the Raptors
Dame finals MVP

idk if lillard can pull it off if he makes it to finals.

Just let me dream


Raps gonna have a tough time defending the MIlwaukee 5 out. Takes Ibaka and Gasol’s defense out of the equation.

Milwaukee has the better bench too

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true. giannis is gonna be very tough to contain unless kawhi absolutely shuts him down but that might not be likely

I’m expecting Siakim to be on Giannis more often than Kawhi. Raps gonna need Kawhi to have something left in the tank on offense


I like you my friend. Lol