Predictions for cards in the playoffs

96-97 Giannis
95 wall
90+ dragic,88 winslow,88 dion
96 oladipo or pd lebron :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
96 butler
96 kawhi
96-97 dame dolla
97 mitchell or pd westbrook,92-94 melo

p.s. based on the eliminated teams

john wall :face_vomiting:


his diamon last year was dope

why not?

hes the best pg in the league as he said lol

so john wall is best pg in the league?

he said it not me lol,for me is harden and lebron ghahhaha

right so john wall :face_vomiting:


In sure Anthony Davis will have like a 50 point game in the playoffs. I don’t think we’ll win the series against Portland but I think it’ll go to 6 or 7 games.

i believe nola will win the series

97 mitchell?? he had a 97 card after dunking contest bro

I want an amy Ibaka :slight_smile:

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diamond ibaka plz

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oh i forgot it lol then a gobert?

A gobert would be nice, but we all know the importance of that kind of centers in this game :frowning:

but i dont see anyone say smth about pd lebron i wrote

ruby or amy of course and maybe a ruby ingles

Klay Thompson can you please put up 50?

i saw just now that curry will miss all the series vs spurs.imagine d draymond,amy or d klay for losing the series?hahahaha