Prediction on WWE's retribution stable members?

Alright apparently its being kept secret according to Wrestletalk and that the people under the masks right now are actually not the real people.

I’m kind of guessing Liv Morgan has some type of involvement and possibly Ruby Riott or some NXT superstars.

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Yeah I would hope that the “real retribution” aren’t the ones causing chaos and they just sent decoys because every member looks like they are 5’4 lol.

I heard Chelsea Green and Vanessa Bourne were two of them. As for the others? I have no idea


Idk. This isn’t the real one though.

I know I mentioned before about a guy named Anonymous WWE on YT and he didn’t show his real identity yet…

A lot of people thought it was CM Punk.including me but now idk. hes inactive now and hes not really that known tbh. but he tweeted something about monday last week before we even knew about it happening. didnt they wear black hoodies the first night?
If so, so does he lol.

But honestly i doubt its him. I feel like its some NXT stars

Corey graves has also been wanting to return so if he did through this id be happy

What? CM Punk could come back tomorrow and main event Wrestlemania and no one would bat an eyelash

He was the biggest star in the company for a couple years and a top star for another several

There’s no bigger star they could bring back short of Stone Cold or The Rock


But CM Punks wrestling return is actually very asked about constantly

I don’t understand your point. You said CM Punk is not that known and that couldn’t be further from the truth

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Sorry I meant Anonymous WWE isn’t well known lol not CM Punk

Hornswoggle and his family

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Yeah I don’t think Anonymous WWE is affiliated in any way with actual WWE

Ariya Daivar
Brian Kendrick
David Otunga