Prediction for this weeks content

we had a crazy week last week content wise… dyou guys think 2ks gonna continue rolling as much stuff out. Im guessing flash packs tuesday with glitched SG Kd and the superpacks or sumshit like that on friday

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Not much left really

More super packs, maybe token market update, and 1 big final or 2 promo set maybe. And many many 2k21 teasers, haha.

What do you mean?

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For new cards to come out, not many GO’s left for them to do

Throwback moments tomorrow, super packs Tuesday, flash KD on Friday with flash AK and opal Westbrook.

As for the rest of the year, I think we get flash KD, one more prime, one more set with lowest tier as PD and with all 99 LeBron in packs, one more token update, and one more fan favorites before duo packs and the end of the year.

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Mon: Throwback cards
Tues : ?
Wed: ?Dry
Thurs: Throwback again / ?
Fri : Prime III final set w/ Signature GO Zion w/ GO Lillard and/or Westbrook and PD Jrue Holiday sidekick.

Next week: Gen Next Set. Final 12 card-size promo?

IDK tho.

I DO know that Last of Us 2 dropping on friday and Im prolly not gonna touch 2k all weekend lol.

We need Go studs (Giannis, LBJ, etc.) with PG eligibility.

They have me until Friday…then it’s TLoU2 time. :wave:t2:

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I think when Zion drops he’s likely out of position as part of a new OOP2 set or Glitched to better fit the meta, or as part of a Gen Next set. Can’t see them releasing him as part of Prime, but could be wrong.

Gen next type promo Friday

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i dont think theyll release another promo directly after the other probably next friday

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True, maybe flash packs with another goat like Russell or wilt

Mon: Playoffs
Tues: Buzzer
Wed: Superpacks
Thurs: nothing
Fri: Flash


Prime super packs before the last prime 3 player, locker codes with bronze shoes in between

Time to sell my kitchen sink again

I think it’s going to be throwback moments on Tuesday, super packs likely Flash to drive Tmac price down, and then glitched/Flash packs on Friday- guessing glitched PG KD or PG Odom. Also, it can also be Prime since the last prime packs were technically suppose to be released 2 Fridays ago but got pushed back.


Look for Glitched cards such as SG Durant/PG Vince/PG Zion/PG Arvydas/any old-school big as a SG