Prediction for diamond Wilt Chamberlain

If they relase This card, thid would be one of the most OP Centers.
Prediction stats-
90-95 speed(Track runner)(Maybe won against Jim brown in a race)
99 rebounding(55 reb in one game)
87-89playmaking(8.6 Ast per game)
99 strengthl(lifting atleast 300 pounds when he was around 45)
98-99Vert(High jumper)(can dunk easily on 12 foot rims)
At least 82 Midrange
At least decent 3pt(amy wilt has better 3 point stat than amy KAJ)
99 Standing layup
94-99 driving layup
97-99 hook
Insane D
99 dunking
99 block(if they would have counted blocks before,Wilt and Bill would be averaging atleast 4-8 blocks per game)

To prove his one of the best center and maybe the most gifted athlete

Not seeing a 3 pointer above 60, but everything else I agree with!

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@6thManSam knowing 2k,it would atleast be 65-70.

Think you’re generally right, but they won’t give him even a decent 3pt shot. I would assume no higher than 50.

Even midrange, I would be shocked if it were higher than 80. Also, his passing may not be that high. And his Ball Control and SWB will probably be nerfed to the point where you won’t want to run the court with him dribbling, or drive in thick traffic.

But he’ll be a crazy paragon of his type.

Unfortunate thing is much lesser in many regards Centers will probably be more productive due to 3pt shooting.

@HarryLundt Yeah this would still be an OP card because of the fact that hes Amy is still amazing competing with other C.

Yeah, I have the Amethyst and probably will never sell it as I don’t think I’ll be able to afford his prime version. Has an LQ/PnRDIQ shoe. Agree he’s still viable even now.

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