Prayers up to Jay Bouwmeester πŸ™

Prayers up to Jay Bouwmeester πŸ™

NHL player for the St.Louis Blues collapsed on the bench during a game today and was seen being given CPR right there in the tunnel. Hope he is okay in the end. :pray::pray::pray:


I haven’t been following my hometown blues much hope he’s okay :pray:

Damn that’s wild.

Prayers up

β€œDad Week” for the blues too apparently, meaning his dad was in attendance…

Damn I remember the name from when I use to follow hockeyπŸ™

Unless that was a different j bow

He was alert and responsive on the way to hospital


Scary shit. Hope he’s ok.

Oh damn, did he get an injury during the game or was it a random spontaneous thing?


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That’s scary man, hopefully he will be ok

Sat next to him in grade 12 math. One of the most kind people I remember. Prayers for him