Pray for me

Currently facing this team in MTU. And y’all thought 5 out was a problem. I’m up by 4 in the 3rd quarter. Soo much more wrong with the game.


You got this fam


wtf is that lineup lol

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Up 11. I think I’m safe. I’m shooting like 12/14 from 3 right now. He also runs Giannis at center off the bench. I’m running zone defense and he can’t get to the rim anymore.


Great Win Bro.

Thats 2 guys you can set to gap and set one of them to help while you off ball with the other

Or off ball with one then send constant double teams with the other that cant shoot

Good shit. Smoke that fool.:joy:

They gotta minus overalls if you play cards out of primary and secondary positions

Lmfao wtf is that

bob lanier smh thats disrespectful, rest of the cards are fire lmao

After winning 10 straight ended up losing to someone who had a normal lineup, but just took 38 3pointers. I was winning by 17 points at half time and ended up losing by 8 as he scored 24 4th quarter points. With one of them being an off the dribble limitless range 3point with Marcus Camby. How can I upload the video?


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In the meantime I’ll just post a pic of it. Camby with no 3pt shoe.
Pic 1 Camby between the legs to step back, pic 2 he splashes it.

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Sold my team after that game. I’m not playing MTU again. Gonna have about 700k sitting if anyone needs it

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Don’t let that pussy shit discourage u

Lol sell that mt

If you want it… it’s yours

Lol shit for real? I’ll take that

Don’t give up bro. Shit like that is bound to happen. Hate to see the good ones leaving

Wanna share some? Lol