Ppl going crazy over this bucks playbook

I just sold my 2nd one and this one went for higher. Never would I ever pay that much for a playbook

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You underestimate the 2k community bro. They need to arm themselves with all the cheese tactics.


Jesus. Sold one 3 days ago and only got 6800 on a 12 hr bid

I have been sniping them. Easy money, the new Christmas players be putting it up for dirt cheap. Just gotta be patient and put some headphones on. Lol

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image Go ahead and 5 out all you want noobs. You’ll do fookin nuttin once I completed my Clamp Squad.


Picked a few up for 300 MT when they were going for 10k

It’s not that good to be honest, I listened about this raptors one tho, this shit is fire

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I’ve been using the raptors since day one it’s really good but every now and then my plays simply won’t work. I’ll have a player run to screen another one and have both of them stand there doing nothing.


Learn 3 different freelances

I don’t run a ton of plays but operate mostly off of freelances

You always have something familiar if there is a playbook glitch

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I’m at the point where I’m wondering if it’s worth buying the 10k ones to flip haha

I packed a bucks playbook in September and it’s all I’ve used. Can’t even bring myself to sell lol