Power Forwards

Over the last month I’ve been grinding off line, mainly the addition of the historic sims. I’ve been able to accumulate a solid line up of PD’s through the market and challenges, but I’m at the same spot I was when I was moving my line up from amy to diamond and that is the PF position is quite dry rn.

There is PD AD, PD Zion and PD Aaron Gordon who are all going for almost it over 100k, but then the quality of players who are actual PF’s goes down quite a bit to bob bettit, Mo Lucas, Antoine walker, and so on (not counting SF’s who are listed as PF like Rudy Gay, Igoudala etc)

Who is best option to go for in that mid range for PD pfs? Right now I’m working on the historic Charles Oakley as a temporary fix but hoping there’s some better insight to what to do at that position

Ben Wallace/Simmons, Draymond and Giannis are all great at PF

Also RoCo is pretty underrated

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Ben Wallace is my starting pf and he’s the only non opal in my starting lineup

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Gay is fantastic at the 4

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Eddy Curry runs the 4 well

ASG Kawhi is amazing at the 4. Glitched Wallace is a stronger version of him.

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I really like guys like Wallace, Durant, Melo, Gay and Simmons at PF.

PD Siakam is free and has HOF limitless with almost all HOF defense badges.

PD Thurl Bialy is free, comes with range extender, HOF defensive badges, HOF brickwall if you a pnr player and fast.

Opal Draymond is prolly the cheapest and best option on the auction house, not even 150k and has everything you could want on a 4.

and goin even way way back the PD spotlight giannas has been dominating the 4 all year for me!


This! I couldnt aggree more for an answer.

I think the PF spot is anything but dry… I find myself only having PFs at times :joy: RoCo, Isaac, opal Dray are all very good, also you have Oakley, Ben Wallace, Thurl, Rodman is a PF that can play SG or SF…

PD Siakam on the grind. PD Rudy Gay for affordable auctionable. That card is something else.

Almost every player mentioned here has poor defensive tendencies. Best options are probably centers slid down to the 4

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PD Siakam is a defensive demon with a smooth shot. Really only lacking in rim running and a bit of size/strength.