Power forwards with 3pt plays

Are their any?


I am 99.99% sure no PF/C has 3PT plays

Yeah PF/C no way

Nikola Mirotic and Dragan Bender have them so there are probably more

Scalabrine, Markkanen, and Alec Peters have them as well, don’t know of any diamonds though

Incorrect Mirotic has 3pt plays ! Im running his emerald in our xbox tourney. :slight_smile:


Yeah I run his ruby on my Pels team. Defintely has 3 point plays. Dirk doesn’t have them though?

I havent run dirks card. I used to flip his sapphire a lot. But never ran it lol

Ruby hawks Collins

I use Celtics playbook. Punch 45 elbow rip gives Every PF or C a nice 3 pt play… I think I’ve tried it with Hakeem, Dirk, Malone Kareem and Webber. Nice play for bigs

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Any ruby’s or sapphires besides hawkins?

or AMY’s?