POTM predictions

I think it’ll be baron but I hope it’s clyde. What do you think?

Praying for baron. Need a d rose replacement


Honestly hope it’s Amare

Dirk, for the culture


Baron seems too good to be the next one. Clyde or Amar’e are my picks. Really hoping for Clyde.


It’s baron. I played a guy with him last week.


His name was Dayedolo. Hes the content coordinator


Do you think the stats are boosted because he works for the company? A pink diamond with a 99 three ball one month into the game seems a bit ridiculous @NoCoJake

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I mean we’re not even a month in and Stockton plays like opal Gilbert so who knows.


Assuming 2KMTC stats for him are right, with a diamond coach it should be boosted to a 99. Still, it could be wrong.

Baron because some dev was using the card last week

This happened in a previous year where someone played a dev with a potm player and everyone thilought it would be that player next and it wasnt. FWIW. Not saying it wont be baron just not saying it will be either



I hope it’s not. We already have good PGs

I would be good with any of them but amar’e. Just because I just got cwebb and I’ve been grinding for KG

Hope it’s Dirk.

Amare would be good too, but also fuck Amare

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i think they may be extending the timer

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yo @EarvGotti i read the thing you send lol i couldnt see the tweet

yeah some dude basically asked robby to extend the timer and robby said they are looking into it.

im still seeing 6 hrs left on ps4 though

maybe once it hits zero it will just freeze then another timer will pop up